CNN Makes Surprise Appearance at Freedom Rally, Films Closed Clinic

Dr. Bukacek on camera with Drew Griffin

October 1, 2021

A CNN news crew, featuring Drew Griffin and a support crew of three, attended a peaceful protest opposing medical tyranny, hoping to interview Dr. Annie Bukacek.

The protest event, located in Kalispell across from the old courthouse on Highway 93, featured a a festive atmosphere of Mexican music and food. 

The purpose of the event was to provide public pushback against forced shots, involuntary masking and other government tyranny.

Griffin and his crew were invited to join in for a bite to eat. 

Dr. Bukacek spoke briefly with Griffin, but declined to be interviewed. Griffin and his crew subsequently drove to Dr. Bukacek's clinic, which was closed for the evening, to take additional footage of the building itself.

Neither Griffin nor his crew wore masks.