CNN Makes Surprise Appearance at Freedom Rally, Films Closed Clinic

Dr. Bukacek on camera with Drew Griffin

October 1, 2021

A CNN news crew, featuring Drew Griffin and a support crew of three, attended a peaceful protest opposing medical tyranny, hoping to interview Dr. Annie Bukacek.

The protest event, located in Kalispell across from the old courthouse on Highway 93, featured a a festive atmosphere of Mexican music and food. 

The purpose of the event was to provide public pushback against forced shots, involuntary masking and other government tyranny.

Griffin and his crew were invited to join in for a bite to eat. 

Dave Swaim: "We the People of Flathead County Reject Medical Tyranny"

To view letter as published on 
11/29/20, click here

There is no question that lockdowns cost lives and cause innumerable unintended consequences. The Flathead County Health Board's proposed letter signed by chairman Bill Burg dated November 2, 2020 acknowledged, "...we are intimately aware of the indirect effects this pandemic has caused. 

Dr. Bukacek Prevails in Latest Battle

Dr. Bukacek in black
Photo LA Times

Richard Read, LA Times.

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WHITEFISH, Mont. —  When Steve Qunell won a seat on the City Council last year in this town of 8,000, he figured he’d be dealing with potholes and affordable housing. 

The state’s governor, Steve Bullock, a Democrat who is in the final stretch of a tight U.S. Senate race and has been reluctant to impose restrictions that could hurt his campaign, called on the hardest-hit counties to consider shutting bars and enforcing a statewide mask mandate.

There was little appetite for that in conservative Flathead County, where the health board has been dominated by an outspoken doctor [Ann Bukacek] who argues that the pandemic is a hoax....

Governor Bullock Doesn't Follow His Own Mask Mandate

Steve Bullock does not follow his own mask mandate and was caught on camera recently attending an
indoor mass gathering – a high school ballgame – without a mask. 

The flagrant violation of his own mask orders came directly in between Facebook posts in which he lectured Montana to wear masks or else. 

Source: Publisher, "Bullock Uses Mask Mandate in Attempt to Shut Down Business of Rival Republican," Montana Daily Gazette, 10/23/20.